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Tay Ninh Mechanical Joint Stock Company designs, assists the construction and installation of "Rice ATM"

Representative of Tay Ninh Mechanical Joint Stock Company guides the process of using rice ATMs.

The operating part of ATM rice is designed and supported by Tay Ninh Mechanical Joint Stock Company. Accordingly, each person in difficult circumstances will receive 2 kg of rice per day. On average, each session receives rice within 30 seconds / 2kg capacity. The design capacity of 250 turns / day, equivalent to 500kg is provided for ATM during the day.

Regarding regulations on free rice distribution, people who receive rice need to wear masks and comply with measures to prevent and fight epidemics in public places. At the time of receiving, you need to queue, while keeping a minimum distance between the front and the back of 2m.

According to the control process of the machine, every citizen who comes to receive rice will be equipped with an automatic facial recognition camera (Face terminal), along with an identification code in order to manage the receipt of rice, avoiding the case of one person. receive rice twice a day.

On the day of installation, ATM rice received 5 tons of rice donated by Hai Dang Joint Stock Company. The provincial People's Committee and the Business Association will continue to mobilize the member enterprises inside and outside the province to participate in supporting rice, maintaining the operation of rice ATMs in the province.

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