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The company was originally Nong Lam Mechanical Enterprise founded in 1976
1976: Establishment of State-owned Agro-Mechanical Enterprise, producing mechanical products for agricultural production and agricultural product processing.
1990: The company expanded production equipment for parks, cultural houses, tourist areas ..., becoming one of the leading units in this field in the country.
In 1995: The Committee for the Protection and Care of Vietnamese Children and the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union chose to implement the National Program "Building play places for Vietnamese children". The company's products were present at nearly 500/750 districts of 64 provinces and cities.
In 1996: The company changed its name to Tay Ninh Mechanical Enterprise, deployed more products to serve the environment - urban industry using composite materials, products are present in many provinces and cities.
1997: The company has a unique solution for rural bridges in the Mekong Delta. Products are available in most Southern provinces.
1998: The company changed its name to Tay Ninh Mechanical Company, continuing to deploy its strengths.
2000: The company was selected by the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to implement the national program "Youth build a new rural bridge, replace the monkey bridge of the Mekong Delta".
2001: The company deployed more industrial construction, electric construction and lighting equipment production. The product has been supplied to many domestic projects and exported to Cambodia.
2004: The company continued to penetrate foreign markets, export mechanical products to the US market with a variety of products for different partners.
2006: The company became a regular partner of steel and stainless steel components (Stainless Steel) for supermarket chains of Wal-Mart Group (USA).
2011: The company changed its name to Tay Ninh Mechanical Company Limited under the decision of the Chairman of Tay Ninh Provincial People's Committee.
2015: The company changed its name to Tay Ninh Mechanical Joint Stock Company after successfully equitizing state-owned enterprises.
2016: The company implements the policy after equitization to develop more domestic and export market shares with a variety of products.
2017: Export market becomes the key, the company expands production factories and invests more machinery and equipment.
2019: The company seeks more partners to expand its products, expand markets in the US, Japan, Europe and Asean countries.